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How it Works

  1. Before signing up, select a group captain to lead the fundraiser
  2. Determine the number of participants in your group
  3. Fill out the fundraising form or contact us to sign up
  4. Receive and review fundraising kit
  5. Create a fundraising goal
  6. Distribute brochures to team members
  7. Sell some dough! View our fundraising tips anytime for ideas on how to spread the word.
  8. At the end of your dough selling period, group members submit their fundraising tally sheets, money raised and order forms to group captain
  9. Group captain determines amount owed and submits dough orders to us
  10. We will ship all dough orders to group

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Schools, teams, clubs and organizations can purchase our cookie dough products for a discounted price of $7 each.

Our cookie dough flavours contain 36-40 pre-portioned cookie dough drops.
A listing of cookie dough and fundraising products can be found in our fundraising brochure.

School Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Our school cookie dough fundraisers have been a great way for schools to raise money throughout the year. The school will receive a fundraising kit when they sign up which includes cookie dough product order forms, tally sheets to consolidate orders and money raised and helpful tips to help promote their fundraiser. Schools will need to determine how often and how long they would like to schedule their school cookie dough fundraisers for. Some schools send order forms home with kids each month, a few times per year, or just once per year. The parents, friends and family interested in placing an order, are usually given a few weeks to get their order in. The school council, teachers, parents or administrative staff are usually responsible for organizing the fundraiser at the school and will often promote the fundraiser in the school newsletter, social media sites, during morning announcements, and with posters around the school.

Team Cookie Dough Fundraisers & Club Cookie Dough Fundraisers

Many teams and clubs also use our products to help raise money. To explain how this works, if you're having a Hockey Team Cookie Dough Fundraiser, the main objective for most hockey teams would be to build funds to pay for tournament fees, purchasing extra equipment or for uniforms. Players often start selling cookie dough from the day that they register for the team but this can start or occur at any time throughout the season. The cookie dough order forms can be distributed to each player when they register and some teams post a downloadable form on their website. Successful hockey team cookie dough fundraisers usually communicate clear details well in advance, such as the date the order forms and money are due and tips for spreading the word to family and friends. Players who sell the most dough will often receive a prize or incentive determined by the team or club cookie dough fundraiser captain.

Our organization supports many charities on a regular basis. We typically host several fundraising events throughout the year in addition to simply asking for donations. When we began organizing our latest initiative, we already knew our staff was feeling donation fatigue. During a fundraising discussion, the idea of selling an item was suggested and Terra Cotta Cookies was the first item that came to mind! Initially we had talked about selling boxes of your amazing Dough Drops. Talking with your Fundraising Manager, Kym Taal, was extremely beneficial! After she uncovered our needs, this highly talented and knowledgeable Cookie Master was able to find a better solution for our fund raising efforts. Instead of the Dough Drops, she suggested we sell Terra Cotta’s Individually Wrapped Cookies. The suggestion paid off. We were able to offer better options and sold out of our initial order in 3 days! Our team loved the cookies, and are actually looking forward to our next fundraiser! We’d like to thank Kym for sharing her valuable knowledge from the cookies themselves to logistics to helping us improve our fundraising structure! Also a big Thank You to Terra Cotta for producing the best cookies around! Everybody knew the brand, which allowed us to reach our goals faster than we could have ever imagined! Sincerely, Jason Sasso
Jason Sasso
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