Eco-Friendly Fundraising
Posted on May 20,2014
Eco-Friendly Fundraising

Terra Cotta Cookies has been running simple and efficient fundraising campaigns for 30 years now!

 The tried and tested method of campaigning your family and friends with our glossy order forms has helped thousands of groups raise money for a variety of causes. As new updates have been happening at Terra Cotta Cookies including a number of updates in technology and efficiency we have been looking at ways of updating our traditional fundraising program. Our goals for 2014 include effectively implementing more online fundraising options and an opportunity sprung this spring when we were approached by the Northern Secondary School Environmental Club. Gabrielle Foss is the Vice President of her high schools environmental club and she took it upon herself to search out fundraising ideas and options, she found that her school had successfully been raising money for years with Terra Cotta Cookies Traditional Fundraising Program. She contacted our Fundraising Manager and told us about the thoughts she had to raise money in new style for the Environmental Club (NEMO).The idea was for it to be as environmentally friendly and paperless as possible. She would take our traditional order form and enter the data to create an online ordering form using “Google Forms” technology. The data would be automatically sent to a spreadsheet once people placed their orders using this online form. This could be sent to family and friends by sending around the link to the form. What an easy and efficient way to collect orders! Better yet, Gabrielle not only created a form but she created a personalized website specifically hosting information about the clubs fundraiser and the form was linked to this website along with more product information, more about the club, and the reason they are raising the money; they want to purchase a new water bottle refill station at their school, a great way to keep plastic bottles out of landfills. The club even set up a table and sampled Terra Cotta Cookies as they took orders in school from a laptop that hosted their own customized website and ordering system.

Our fundraising managers here were so impressed by the effort by this group of high school students, and specifically Gabrielle. She really took it upon herself to go the extra mile to make her fundraiser a big success and stay true to keeping it as eco-friendly as possible. In all the conversation of planning this fundraiser it was evident that she was very passionate about this and was committed to keeping this as paperless as possible. The efforts of Gabrielle and the NEMO Club have inspired Terra Cotta Cookies to evolve their fundraising program to have a paperless fundraising option as well as a traditional system. We have now been able to create Google Plus forms and create customizable websites for other organizations who think a paperless fundraiser would be beneficial to them. NEMO’s fundraiser is not just helping themselves raise money and do their part for the environment but it has now extended to improving our overall fundraising options and continue to help the environment with each paperless fundraiser booked. Thank you to Gabrielle and the Students of Northern Secondary School who inspired us to advance our always delicious Cookie Dough Fundraising Program.

If you want to book a fundraiser contact Kym Taal our Fundraising Manager today and ask about our Paperless Fundraising Options,, 905-877-4216