Pokemon Mania
Posted on July 22,2016
Pokemon Mania

Pokemon GO has taken over the phone screens of millions of people around the world and hundreds of people locally! Have you noticed a few more people walking through parks? past landmarks? hanging in front of a shop or church? Yes, they are likely playing the latest craze game- Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO (for those living under a rock) launched a few weeks ago and takes the concepts from past Pokemon Games and inserts them into our REAL world! Using map syncing with google maps and augmented reality this game requires players to get up and move around! You truly must be out visiting landmarks and places in order to collect Pokemon and other game pieces like Pokeballs and Incence. All of these collectables have functions that you need to utilize to move upwards through levels in the game. Now these landmark places will be signified in the game as a "Pokestop" and players see these and when they are close enough to the pokestop they can click and collect items. Many Pokemon hang out around these stops so you can get lucky in these areas.

So why is this important to a Cookie Company?

Well local businesses can get in on the action by using the game! Ideally they could be a pokestop that people visit and you can attract them inside your business. Can you come up with special offers connected to the game? Marketers the world over are coming up with cool concepts! The game also has uses pick from three teams- red, blue or yellow- perhaps incorporate the colour into a freebie giveaway!

You may also want to be a Gym, this is where players battle each other for Gym Ownership- and their colour team will then take over this place. One specific person will be the Gym owner until they loose a battle- reward your Gym Owners with promos and special offers!

A third way to take advantage would be to set a "lure" and this means Pokemon will be drawn to that spot for 30 minutes. Sending out that information on social media sure could get some people rushing to your place of buisness. The longer players stay here the better pokemon typically show up so take advantage of that wait time and lure them inside to purchase something!

There are plenty of great ways to enjoy the game and you shouldn't fear this new fad! Although many media stories talk about the negative side of this game I think the positives out-weigh any negatives - for me so far at least!

Time will tell how long this trendy game will stick around but for now I am embracing the craze and enjoy walking around exploring my community as well as thinking of creative ways to use this here at Terra Cotta Cookies. 

Stay updated to our social media to find out how to catch em all!