School FAQs

1. How far in advance do I need to place orders?
2. How can I make payment for my order?
3. What if I miss placing my order on time?
4. Is there an order minimum?
5. Can I set up a standing order?
6. When should I expect my delivery?
7. Do we have to keep our cookies frozen? / How long can they stay out of a freezer?
8. Do your cookies meet all Ontario Guidelines for PPM150?
9. Why isn't there nutritional information and ingredients on the packaging?
Do you have any Dairy Free Cookies?
Do you offer Gluten Free Items?

Fundraising FAQs

Do you have an order minimum?
Where do you deliver?
How do we schedule customer pick up and ensure products remain frozen?
Do you give prizes? Can I get additional prizing?
Are your products Kosher?
What if I receive late orders? Can I add-on to our order?
What if I am missing an item?