School Cookie Program

Terra Cotta Cookie Co. is the forerunner to providing healthy, lower fat, trans-fat free, peanut and nut free snacks and drinks to schools. Since 1984, we have been committed to manufacturing these cookies and snacks without any added preservatives.

Available Products: 

Large 50g Wrapped Cookies

Large 50g Bulk Cookies

Small 30g Cookies

Seasonal Cookies

Ice Cream sandwiches

Juice, Milk


What is a School Cookie Program?

School Cookie Programs are fantastic ways for schools to raise funds through the selling of cookies. Often paired with pizza or hot lunch days, these additional sales help to round out a meal and increase profitability of the current lunch programs.

Some schools may offer a special snack day of cookies and milk, this can be purchased in our combos for a great deal.

Our seasonal shapes make every event more exciting! Order our shaped and sprinkled cookies for the schools holiday celebrations.

Nutrition breaks call for a healthy cookie- our cookies contain 3g of fibre and are low in fat, made with unsweetened apple sauce.

Senior grades can raise money for year-end trips or graduation. Combine with a learning experience; have students sell the product, show them how to run a small business.

Phys-Ed Departments can sell during weekend tournaments and use money to purchase new uniforms and equipment.

Administration Staff or Educational Assistants can run this program and maintain the profits in a slush fund to assist families or children with the extras they may need.

Fundraising for school campaigns such as Terry Fox, Me to We, United Way

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School Sales Representatives:

Linda Ladd-

Kym Taal-

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